Data Exchange

Our role as an enabler of data sharing in the social sector

We support social sector organisations to improve their data sharing maturity. As part of this work, we encourage and support the uptake of EightWire's Data Exchange (DX). The platform helps us to facilitate data sharing practices across the sector that are safe, secure and controlled

SIA ensures organisations using the DX understand their responsibilities when sharing their data and work closely with them to enure these are met.

The Data Exchange:

  • Provides a safe, secure and controlled cloud-based exchange platform;
  • Connects organisations in a way that’s easy, consistent and efficient;
  • Helps front-line staff improve service delivery by providing better information about the people they work with;
  • Promotes standardised approaches to privacy, data management and data standards.

Version 1 is already working

The first 'live' transfer of data across the Data Exchange was successfully tested in December 2016, when anonymised data was transferred between the Ministry of Social Development(external link) and the Methodist Mission Southern(external link).

This confirmed the minimum viable feature set of the exchange to stand-up the core technology, privacy and data sharing components of future versions.

We are now working with a wide range of organisations to connect them to the exchange for a range of uses, with a number of government agencies and NGO's already successfully connected and suggesting more ways in which they can use this"pipe" to help them be more effective.

Control on the exchange

The representatives of each organisation using the Data Exchange retain full control of the data they hold and share with others on the exchange, and can stop sharing at any time.

How the Data Exchange works

The diagram below shows a generic explanation of how the Data Exchange works.

Image of Data Exchange

The Data Exchange platform enables two-way, privacy centric, fully controlled and secure automatic transmission between any two parties connected to the Exchange, in near real-time.

It is a cloud-based platform, which will clean, structure and manage the exchange of data.

The Data Exchange will automatically collect and deliver data to participating NGOs and service providers to support their service delivery, based on configuration settings defined by each participating organisation.

The typical installation relies on a small piece of software (an agent) running on a server in each participant organisation. This software “agent” handles the automated, specific collection of data (using a very strong level of encryption), and sends it to the cloud-based platform, where it’s sent on to the receiving agent.

We can also enable organisations to gain the benefit of the exchange with no software installation required.

The platform can handle many “agents” sending lots of data to multiple destinations simultaneously.

Fact sheets

Check out our Data Exchange fact sheet.


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