Fact sheets

Quick, simple explanations of our key work areas and tools

Data Exchange

09 Apr 2019

Data Exchange


We’ve been working with social sector organisations to develop a cloud-based Data Exchange platform that is easy for everyone to use.

Place Based Initiatives (PBI)

May 2018

Place Based Initiatives Fact Sheet


Three PBIs were established to bring local leaders together to address social issues and improve outcomes for children and young people and their family/whānau. They work in partnership with agencies and the SIA.

Social investment Analytical Layer (SIAL)

Feb 2019

Social Investment Analytical Layer Fact Sheet


The Social Investment Analytical Layer (SIAL) is events-structured tables that arrange a version of the data held in the IDI into a consistent format, making it easier and faster for authorised IDI users (researchers and analysts) to use and understand.

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