What's happening when?

The programme 'Your voice, your data, your say' is expected to run until mid 2019

Our initial phase of engagement between 31 May and 7 September was designed to get input from people who use social services, service providers and government agencies to give us an understanding of what the social sector and public believe is needed to:

  • Adopt and implement a new investing for social wellbeing approach.
  • Create a policy that will provide information, clarity and guidance for the protection and use of personal information in the social sector.

We are currently working through a process of analysing all the input gathered through the first engagement phase, including information from our hui and online surveys.

When this phase has been completed, we will publish the method that we used to incorporate what we've heard, into the development of the Cabinet papers.

Further public engagement is planned for March to May 2019, to inform the final version of the Data Protection and Use Policy.

Programme timeline

7 September

Investing for social wellbeing engagement ends.

Phase one engagement ends for the Data Protection and Use Policy.

September - October

Development of an investing for social wellbeing approach to be presented at Cabinet.

Late November

SIA will publish a summary of the main themes that have emerged from our engagement.

End of 2018

Government will consider a final investing for social wellbeing approach. We will publish the final approach online.

March - May 2019

Public engagement on the draft Data Protection and Use Policy to inform the final version. Final to be presented back to Cabinet.

Mid 2019

SIA will publish a summary of how we have treated feedback gathered throughout our engagement process including how it has helped shape the final approach and Policy.

We anticipate that some feedback could more appropriately belong within the work programmes of other government agencies, and we'll provide updates when we have passed this information on.

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