Investing for social wellbeing

A way of working to support New Zealanders to live the lives they aspire to.

How do we invest for social wellbeing?

We use data and evidence to inform how we can best improve the lives of New Zealanders by investing in what is known to create the best results.

Engagement findings

Findings from the ‘Your voice, your data, your say’ engagement between May and early September 2018.

Data Protection and Use

To provide clear guidance for how personal information can and can't be used in the social sector.

How we measure outcomes

Improving government’s knowledge of its service delivery, particularly performance and impact.

Place-Based Initiatives

Place-based approaches are about empowering local social sector leaders to address social issues in their communities.

Three PBIs were established to bring local leaders together to address social issues and improve...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These FAQs are to help you understand more about the topics we are talking about. They also define some terms to help you better understand the conversation.


The glossary below explains some of the most common terms used by the agency.