How we can help

The SIA’s role is to support the social sector to improve decision making. One way that we’re doing this is by developing tools, products and guides for organisations to use when developing their approaches to social investment.

The Social Investment Agency supports the social sector by:

Developing Analytical tools and services

We're developing a range of tools to enable agencies to develop ways to best invest in social wellbeing, and analyse and measure the effectiveness of the services they're delivering.

The SIA has developed the following tools and services:

  • Social Investment Analytical Layer (SIAL)
  • social Investment Data Foundation (SIDF)
  • Social Investment Measurement Map (SIMM)
  • Tools for technical users (Hosted on Github)

Click here to learn more about our analytical tools and services.

Establishing meaningful partnerships

We partner with organisations that work towards better results for real people, and whose work:

  • Spans all priority areas of government
  • Spans all major parts of the social sector
  • Touches all parts of the supply chain

Click here to learn more about our partnerships.

Creating better data sharing systems, such as the Data Exchange

The Data Exchange is transforming the way New Zealand’s social sector data is shared. The Exchange delivers near real-time feedback loops between agencies and providers. This infrastructure supports insights into system-wide performance, policy settings and the effectiveness of service delivery to vulnerable New Zealanders.

Click here to learn more about the Data exchange.


To learn more about how we can help and to look into our key work areas, read our fact sheets. To learn more about how your organisation or agency can implement the investing for social wellbeing approach, read our 'How to' guides.

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