Social Investment Agency

We're a small team who work to make a difference. By analysing data, we're supporting the social system to better understand how we can best invest in the social wellbeing of New Zealanders.


Our resources

  • Tools and guides »

    We're developing a range of tools to enable agencies to develop ways to best invest in social wellbeing, and analyse and measure the effectiveness of the services they're delivering.

  • Fact sheets »

    Our fact sheets provide a plain English look into our key work areas.

Our work

  • Your voice, your data, your say »

    The SIA is leading a work programme to inform the development of two things; the government's approach to investing for social wellbeing and the collection of rules, tools and guidelines for the protection and use of personal information in the social sector.

  • Latest updates from our engagement »

    Keep up to date with news and findings from our hui and online surveys during the your voice, your data, your say engagement.

  • Data Exchange »

    The Data Exchange is transforming the way New Zealand’s social sector data is shared. The exchange delivers near real-time feedback loops between agencies and providers.